2015 Taxa Cricket Trailer Specifications

Available Cricket inventory

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2015 Cricket Trailer specifications

 Cricket Trailer Standard

·        V-berth lounge Standard Cricket Trailer
Standard options include

·        Water heater

·        Exterior shower


Cricket Sport Trailer 

Sport Edition

Standards include all items listed under standard edition as well as:

·        exclusive silver panels

·        higher ground clearance

·        rugged build

·        road safety kit

·        roof rack standard

Weights and specifications


interior standing height:



queen size

ground clearance:


water heater:


indoor sink:


exterior shower:


 garage able exterior dimensions:

 15’(l) x 6’7”(w) x 6’9”(h)

battery power:

3 days off grid

interior lighting:

high output LED

insulation r-value:


gravel guard:

Not Included Available

unloaded vehicle weight:

1,460 lbs.

gross vehicle weight rating:

2,500 lbs.

Optional Features

 Cricket Trailer AC option

air conditioner

5,000 btu, 120-volt

window-mounted a/c

unit. direct connection

to shore power



 Cricket Trailer Storage box

tongue box

heavy duty aluminum

storage box installed

on cricket’s front

tongue. perfect for

hauling tools and

other gear. Locks tight.

 Cricket Trailer Roof Rack

Roof rack bars

strong and dependable

78″ roof rack

loads your favorite

gear: bikes, boards,

and more!

Cricket Trailer Kids Berth

kid’s berth

outfit your rig with up

to two sleeping areas

for children.

 Cricket Trailer Portable Toilet

Portable toilet

features five gallon

capacity, adult-sized

seat, scratch-resistant

finish, and splash-free


 Cricket Trailer Top Loadong Fridge 

Top-loading fridge


refrigerator is both

tough and practical.

This removable

top-loading model

locks to floor beside

the lounge.

 Cricket Trailer Second Battery

Second battery

extend your stay off grid with a second deep cell battery.


 Cricket Trailer Road Safety Kit

Road safety kit

this package includes

jack, mounted spare

tire, first aid kit, wheel

chocks, road flares,

and a tire iron.

 Cricket Trailer Electric Pack

electric pack

an 80 watt solar

panel with 210-watt inverter and 400-watt


Cricket Trailer Great Outdoors Kit

Great outdoors kit

relax with cricket branded

chairs and

table underneath

an attached custom


 Cricket Trailer Lounge Furnishings

Lounge furnishings

under bed bins, gear

storage attics, storage

bungees, and cricket branded

pillows and



Cricket Trailer Kitchen Furnishings

kitchen furnishings

this carefully curated

set of kitchen

essentials includes

snow peak coffee

press, primus portable

stove, snow peak

cutting board and

knife, drying rack and

cricket tea towels.

 For more information visit the Cricket Trailer manufacturers website at www.crickettrailer.com To purchase a new Cricket trailer please contact a Pathway Auto and RV Associate at 865-332-0912.