RV Air Conditioners

There are many variations of AC systems for your RV.  When looking to repair or replace your RV air conditioner it is best to start by finding out what it is you already have.  On many roof mounted air conditioners you can easily pull the inner plastic trim where the AC intake is in your ceiling.  Once removed and using a flashlight you should be able to see the service tag. The other way is to remove the shroud from outside of the RV air conditioner. This requires you to get on top of the roof to do. The decal should look like the image below.

RV air conditioner id

Here are just a few RV air conditioner options from Dometic.

 Coleman-Mach AC products are also a very good performing and long lasting option


RV Air Conditioner Common Maintenance Parts for Dometic and Coleman Mach (Airxcel)